People have been cooking on or over coals for millennia. As a kid, we used to make a type of meatloaf and banana boats in foil on the fire at Girl Scout camp. Cooking in foil is still a fun, “campy” way to keep the heat out of your house during the hot summer months and make clean up quick and easy! You can recycle the foil, even reusing it for the 2 “bottom” layer on your next tin foil dish. I am excited to take tin foil dinners to the next level and share my new favorite recipes with you! 

The first recipe is an Italian favorite with a twist… or should I say roll! Here we go with Lasagna Rolls in tin foil!

First there is something you need to know about this “lasagna” roll.  It’s missing cheese. I am dairy intolerant and my daughter, Lyza is Paleo, so I have designed this meal to be dairy free, Paleo, and Gluten Free. If you can’t imagine lasagna without cheese but you want this recipe to be dairy free and Paleo, you can use plant based Daiya shredded mozzarella. It’s a family favorite of ours!  

Because Mulay’s Sausage is allergen free, these lasagna rolls are also free from the Big Allergens (WITH THE EXCEPTION OF NUTS due theLasagna sheets). For this recipe, I used Cappello’s grain free Lasagna Sheets (made with Almond Flour).

Now, what you have been waiting for… Mulay’s Lasagna Rolls.

Dice tomatoes and pour mixture with all the liquid into the tin foil boat. Dice and combine all peppers and onion, dice herbs. 

Cut lasagna sheets to 6” pieces. Divide sausage into equal portions, one for every sheet of pasta. Gently press one sausage portion onto one lasagna sheet. Generously cover with the pepper and onion mixture, followed by the herbs. Roll each individual sheet into a tight roll. 

Slide onto a flat baking sheet to transfer to cooking area. Cook for 45 minutes. 

If cooking over a flame, keep flame low to avoid scorching the bottom. Remove from grill, plate using the tomatoes and juice as a sauce. (Glamping? Cook in camp fire with good hot coals, away from flame for 45 min).

Beautiful and delicious!  All that is left for you to do now is to ENJOY! Click here for the ingredient list and more detailed instructions