It all started with my Nana’s recipe from Sicily that has been handed down throughout the generations. Long before it was trendy, Mulay’s was made with simple, natural ingredients and a whole lot of love. Today the tradition lives on using the best quality antibiotic free, humanely raised pork, blended with spices…and by the way we’ve never used sugar.

Specialty Boxes

An easy way to sample a variety of Mulay’s flavors. These carefully curated boxes offer delicious combinations that can be stored in your freezer and pulled out for a quick dinner or a special occasion. What could be better? FREE Shipping on all Specialty Boxes. Please no substitutions.

German Frank

A super dog that’s clean and yummy.  Not your “parts is parts” kinda dog, this frank is pure ABF pork and spices with no sugar! Fully Cooked.

British Banger

Celebrating a great British tradition these light, delicately delicious links were inspired by classic sausages using only the finest ingredients. Simple but brilliant, clean and yummy.


Nana's Meatballs

Delicious traditional Italian Meatballs perfect for any occasion. Certified FREE FROM “Big 8 Allergens” inc. GLUTEN, EGG, DAIRY. Antibiotic Free Heritage Pork and ABF Beef. NO SUGAR.


Our wonderful Chorizo! Spanish in flavor, Mexican style it is deep in color and rich in flavor, spicy without being hot. Lean and natural…Yum!


Crafted in the authentic, old world style this Brat exceeds our standards of excellence and tips its hat to my Mother’s side of the family! Well rounded, excellent flavor without all the fat.


Developed for our daughter Lyza, a self-proclaimed “Sausage Monster”, this savory breakfast sausage has become a breakfast staple across the country! Now you too can feel good about serving friends and family a great tasting, healthy Breakfast Sausage that is lean!


Nana's Original Italian

Our Original Italian Sausage is my Nana’s recipe from Sicily, handed down through generations. “Hot n’ spicy, just the way you like it!” It has perfect kick, not too hot, each bite keeps you coming back for more.

Mild Italian

Great Italian flavor without the heat. Created after years of “begging” from a contingent of folks who insisted that they loved the original sausage, but it was just too spicy for some recipes or their kids or grandma.

Killer Hot Italian

A well balanced HOT sausage link. You actually taste the flavor of the sausage first and then with each bite, the heat builds. This HOT sausage shouldn’t be taken lightly. For the few, the crazy, and the extreme; you know who you are!